Taylor Jacobson – Rachel Zoe Samples Accusation is False

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) - Rachel Zoe's Taylor Jacobson accusations fly tonight. Why did Taylor leave Rachel? Taylor Jacobson tells the news that at least one Rachel Zoe Project contention tonight is flatly false. Taylor says she can not answer the rest because of her employment confidentiality agreement.

But certainly what is portrayed in the evening is different than the news statement Taylor Jacobson gave in November 2009. So Taylor is not to say that she was fired, but she said she was "sad and excited" about her departure.

But tonight, Rodger Berman announcing Taylor's departure on an "emergency conference". Rodger is more dramatic than anything Donald Trump has offered in the boardroom. Later, viewers hear the word "fired". And yet over an hour, only few details revealed about what happened with Taylor.

In the opening segment, Rodger Berman have a sit down conference with staff, where he does not use the word "fired". When Brad Goreski ask Roger and Rachel what happened, Roger says thinking was not adding up. "We've been getting behind the numbers ... and frankly, things do not add up, and that's all I will say about it." Zoe expresses grief. Her grief is still the dominant theme through the conflict. Zoe says that she can not sleep, that Taylor's departure did not give her closure. But Zoe has no problem doing a shoot with Demi Moore, "Taylor's customer".

Brad did not see a recommendation, which he alleges Taylor was different than she thought. But even in the next scene in his new Mercedes-driving aroundLos Angeles, Brad says he lacks Taylor. Later in the study, the word "sacked" is said. Still viewers not left with any insight into what happened between Taylor and Rachel. Zoe says she is hurt she has not heard from Taylor. But just a few minutes earlier, Brad reveals that samples have been returned to Taylor ever had. Brad says that Taylor would wear tests at night.

Really? Not so says Taylor to local news. Taylor has since told TV Guide that "samples" claim in the night season premiere accusation is television fiction. "I will say this: I do not fit into sample sizes! Where did that even come from?" I'm not a size zero. I'm 34-D [breasts]. "

Taylor says she can not respond to Zoe's allegations because she is bound by a confidentiality agreement. "You sign a confidentiality agreement. That's why I really can not talk about it."

But what does Taylor think about the premiere? "For legal reasons I do not really allowed to discuss what makes it hard for me to give the" juice. "But what I heard on the first episode is pretty amazing. I heard there are ripping out pictures and throw them into the fireplace." Zoe takes pictures of Taylor and burn them late in the episode.

But Taylor believes audiences will release that what they see is just "faux" (false). "Reality TV is faux reality. It is a constructed reality, and everyone knows it. I was a very hardworking and I still do. So in that sense, yes. As much as people want me to go out on the show and Rachel I do not really have anything to say about the woman that I am not allowed to talk about. Really, I have no ill will. It is time to move on and I have. "

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