Grover Cleveland Alexander tournament – Seniors win

One of the most legendary names in baseball is that of Grover Cleveland Alexander and a tournament takes place in honor of him. Alexander was one of the most influential figures in baseball in the last century and was a pitcher of renown.

He was born in 1887 in Elba, Nebraska, and when he got his first professional contract in 1907 he was earning the princely sum of $50, not bad for a 20-year-old though in those days. Eventually he played for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1910 and it was here that he earned another nickname, “Old Pete,”St. Paul was the venue for the tournament and it was won by the York Cornerstone Seniors who came in with a 14-6 record and took the victory in 5 out of their last 6 games. What happened to Grover Cleveland Alexander? He also went on to play for the Chicago Cubs and the St Louis Cardinals and was eventually initiated into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1938.

Alexander died at the age of 63 in 1950.

On John Bolz, John Carroll, Perez Hilton, blogging, and making money

John Bolz is the number on Google Trend as this blog post is written. The problem is no one knows why. But one has to use John Bolz and "grover cleveland alexander" to generate traffic, views, and ad revenue for their blogs.

When San Francisco Chronicle Columnist and all-around good man John Carroll wrote about bloggers and wondered how they make money (in "the blog dilemma" which should have been designed to be found in a search), he looked at it, it seemed unknowingly, from the perspective of one who's used to working for someone else.

The most successful bloggers own their own blogs: Perez Hilton comes to mind. Now, if you're going to tell me what you think of Perez' content, you're not going to learn anything, so you're not the person I'm trying to reach.

Perez Hilton owns his own blog, and yet he's "multi-platform:" he has millions of Twitter followers. His videos can be found on his own YouTube channel, where, like me, Perez is a YouTube Partner. That means he earns revenue from his video views. He's got over 62,000 YouTube subscribers as of this writing. Me? I'm just over 5,000 YouTube subscribers, but hey, I love every one of them.

But my point is Perez has his own channel and his own "brand" that's not all in one place. Regardless of what you think about Perez Hilton, you know what you're going to get when you visit his blog. That "brand" has led to offers of up to $20 million for his blog.

What John Carroll missed is a look at the blogger who's an entrepreneur. Before the days of journalists looking for work as bloggers, there were journalists who did blogging, specifically Justin Hall.

Hall's called a pioneer blogger, but the point here is that Justin did his own thing as a blogger and gained fame doing it.

I encourage people who blog at Zennie62.com, or any of the blogs in the Zennie62 network, to maintain or start their own blogs and cross post their work to mine. I want each person to grow their own online value. That's what John Carroll, ever the good man, misses. But it's also my fault for not following up with Carroll on my desire to video interview him

See, John Carroll is a star. Like many long-time journalists and columnists he has a following, but he's not "branded" in the way Perez Hilton is. He's not on video or mobile devices. He doesn't have his own widget. He should have all of this, and more.

In short, John Carroll doesn't have that set of platforms that, added together with respect to traffic, he can sell for money, or make money from. It's a welcome direction given the shrinking print media industry.

The problem is the death of print media is forcing people online, where they're quite literally lost in Internet space. Many people: journalists, publicists, and public relations specialists, are totally lost.

And they're not helped by those who are in the same professions who take money from them with these seminars and panel discussions, claiming that they know the Internet way, when in point of fact, those same persons don't even have a clear Internet presence and brand. So, it becomes the blind leading the blind, and both eventually get frustrated either because they aren't making real money or the people have realized they don't know and have stopped paying them.

If you are asked to pay over $100 to attend a social media "how-to" function, run, don't walk, to the nearest exit. Don't do it.

Just do what Former San Francisco Chronicle Columnist Glenn Dickey did, and at my pushing, about five years ago: he started his own website called Glenn Dickey.com. Plus, he's at Examiner.com And while I think he could improve on his Internet presence and website monetization by a ton, he's at least created an online home that has some value (the paywall's a bad idea). The Examiner gives him another platform that helps drive awareness of the "Glenn Dickey" brand and thus, get more traffic.

So, John Carroll, you can make money blogging, but you've got to have your own blog and brand. In short, you have to think not in terms of working for someone else, but in terms building your own media business.

Suzette Snider And David Daniel "Dee" Snider

Snider has been tied together to his wife Suzette given 1981 after they met when she served as Twisted Sisters dress designer. They have 4 children as good as whilst nothing have been as important dad their eldest son Jesse.

The Sniders renewed their vows in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary, which is October 23. Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider and his wife Suzette pose backstage after their wedding vow renewal ceremony following a performance of Dee Snider's 'Van Helsing's Curse.

David Daniel "Dee" Snider (born March 15, 1955) is an American singer-songwriter, screenwriter, radio personality, and actor. Snider is most famous for his role as the frontman of the heavy metal band Twisted Sister. He was ranked 83 in the Hit Parader's Top 100 Metal Vocalist of All Time.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Episode 8 “Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone” Review

Finally, in episode 8 PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone”, the day of Alison’s memorial has arrived . Does anyone else feel like it has been years since they found her body? With so much happening with the girls since the discovery, the body bag is but a distant memory. However, memories come crashing back with the impending memorial. Everyone has Alison on their mind. One wouldn’t think that one afternoon at the beach could provide so much information, so much drama, and so many secrets. We learn that Aria has had a crush on Noel for quite some time and that Alison, in her backhanded way, encouraged Aria declaring that someone with Noel’s immaturity level was perfect for her. Is that why Aria is still moping over Mr. Fitz? To prove to Alison that she is deserving of someone more mature, someone “seasoned”? I talked about the girls’ daddy issues, but could the girls also be suffering from Alison issues?

If there is such a condition, Emily is drowning in it. Apparently Alison knew of Emily’s bicurious tendencies and exploited them. Making suggestive remarks about Kissing Rock and throwing coy glances seems like an awful lot of temptation for poor Emily. Is Emily’s attempt to date Mia something she is truly interested in or is it a way for Emily to prove to Alison, and herself, that it wasn’t just Alison that sparked her interest?

Hanna’s character continues to amaze me with her growth. I never would have thought that the shallow appearing, materialistic girl, would turn out to be one of my favorites. Now I realize that Hanna has a very big heart and just needs to find a way to use it. Helping her family by selling things she didn’t really need was a great start. It was fun to see her interaction with Lucas. He seems to bring out the best in her unlike prom king who still uses words like “cooties.” You would think that the preacher’s son who attends virgin support groups would be a bit kinder to his fellow classmate.

Spencer has me baffled. I always found the initial scene when she announces that she discovered Alison missing to be strange. Now we find out that she fought often with Alison and that Alison may have been scared of her. How much of this is true and how much is just a spin by Alison and her equally evil brother, Jason, remains to be seen. However, with her OCD tendencies and Type A personality, it is not too hard to imagine that she and Alison butt heads at some point.

On the day of the memorial, everyone takes time to talk about Alison. The only one that truly says anything about her is Jenna who remarks on her strength. The girls talk about living without her, moving on, and friendship while smiling at each other. Perhaps they are relieved by the removal of the burden of Alison’s friendship. After all, how telling was the memorial fountain that had all five girls on there, but only one standing tall with her hand out, with her girls at her feet, kneeling before her.

The final scenes in the last couple of episodes of Pretty Little Liars have been really haunting and tonight’s episode “Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone” was no exception. If Alison was wearing her bracelet when she died, who made the bracelet that the girls found in the woods? Who was the mysterious guy that showed up at the dedication? Finally, just as quickly as the memorial was put together, it was destroyed. Was that violent act directed at Alison or at the girls? So much anger and drama, even after death.

Awkward Family Photos Blog Website

Awkward Family Photos-Guest post by bur stein you know what they say the family that caters together stays together in a model analogous to look at this rocking hipster, awkward family photos is a special site where people can upload their awkward family photo randomly. Some photos are back from 70s until 90.Awkward family photos being a fan of reality entertainment, humor and the internet, when you find something that encompasses all three, i’m pretty psyched sure you may have read my other trends about internet but you will love this one. Photos that we wish we could go back in time and retake or just not show up for at all i\ve got a family Christmas photo that catches me. Is a collection of just what the title says read how the authors came up with the idea and upload one of your own here. funny pictures celebrate the best awkward family photos caught on film. Pictures, which capture those uncomfortable moments that can only occur between blood relations.

Alexis Cohen’s Killer Being Indicted on Four Counts

Alexis Cohen, the famous American Idol participant for her tirade on the show, was struck and slain by a car back on July 25, 2009. The man who hit her, Daniel Bark, was fleeing police in a car accident that he had been in earlier that day, when he fled the scene in a hit-and-run.

Bark was later arrested on July 26, and was initially accused of drunk driving. On Thursday, the grand jury indicted Bark at four points. He was accused of manslaughter with aggravating circumstances, circumvent police, intentionally leaving the scene of an accident which resulted in one death, and death by car. He is currently in jail with bail set at $ 150,000.

Carrie Underwood’s Wedding Venue ‘On Lockdown’Carrie Underwood Married

Carrie Underwood married Ottawa Senators center Mike Fisher in an unknown luxury resort, probably in the south, earlier today. Now there are two things everyone wants to know:

What is it that the ladies as much about pro athletes? Geez, give a guy looks good, a few million dollars and loads of talent, and suddenly the ladies can not get enough. It's one of those unsolvable mysteries.

But all the guys are really curious about is Carrie Underwood's dress. Apparently, wearing a wedding dress Underwood Chantilly lace designed by Monique Lhuillier for her, as shown above. The dress is the spring of 2011 Lhuillier's collection. That's right. Carrie Underwood has a wedding dress in the future.

Now for his part, Mike Fisher be cautious. Professional athletes are known for flirting. And Carrie Underwood is known for taking a Louisville Slugger to both headlights and her husband messing around. I imagine it could get very creative with a hockey stick.

The couple released a statement with a touch of romance and optimism to the venerable People Magazine:

"We could not feel more blessed to have found each other and have shared these days with our friends and family who mean so much to us!" The newlyweds told people to sign a statement of their names "Mike & Carrie Fisher."

Las Tablas Panama

Las Tablas Panama. Summer is not over yet and there was still many undiscovered places to go and see if that Las Tablas is the capital of the Panamanian province of Los Santos. It lies a few miles inland from the Gulf of Panama on the Azuero peninsula. Las Tablas is a nationally recognized center of Panamanian folk: Art, music, gastronomy, architecture, culture and literature. The only Panamanian president for three terms, Belisario Porras, was from Las Tablas serve.

Las Tablas has a population of about 10,000 and is best known for its carnival, which is similar in Panama on the way to (pre-Katrina) New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I came here the day before Carnival began with a peaceful, clean, well maintained city to find a beautiful European-style plaza in downtown streets and coming out from all sides, lined with clothing shops and laundries and bakeries, supermarkets and restaurants, some with nice hotels and apartments on top.

Stephen Colletti Lauren Conrad Ready for Hills Finale

LAGUNA BEACH (LALATE) - Lauren Conrad and Stephen Colletti are ready for the MTV Hills Finale and Reunion. Stephen Colletti looks like Lauren Conrad boyfriend on and off, was one of the most memorable story of the hills. Yet friends of the two local news shows for them as close as ever and excited about the final.
Stephanie Pratt tells news this week: "I'll miss going to the movies in pubs with my best friend Lo [Bosworth]. The cast has the best time.We to enjoy each other much and we have so many inside jokes .

Pratt says she spent Fourth of July weekend to LC and Colletti "I just spent July 4th at the home of Lauren's Laguna Beach.
I rode on Saturday and spent the whole weekend with her and Lo. Dieter [Schmitz] of 'Laguna Beach' was there, Stephen [Colletti] was there, all her friends Laguna. "

Pratt says LC, Lo and Stephen, and its still close.

In the autumn of 2007, news was not sure if LC was recovering with Stephen even though portrayed as dating Brody Jenner at the show at the moment. In February 2008, Hayden Panettiere turned to Seventeen magazine for its break with Steven explained.

"I just knew I wanted to breathe. I wanted to be single at the moment. It just hit me like a ton of bricks: This is the time that I have with myself. It takes a secure person with someone like me it takes so much confidence, it takes so much confidence. "

Woman accused of shoplifting from Target turns herself in

A woman accused of shoplifting from two stores in the Target Upstate time with her four young children is now in custody.
Just before noon Friday, Tracy Michelle German, 720 Crestfield Road, Greenville, surrendered to deputies at the Greenville County Sheriff's Office. The 36-year-old was taken to the Greenville County Detention Center, where they await a bond hearing.

In Greenville County, German is charged with shoplifting goods worth $ 2,000 or less and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to arrest warrants.

Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Tony Ivey said a shoplifting warrant also was signed by Germany in connection with an incident at the target on H. Warren Abernathy Parkway last week.

In that incident, a woman entered the store with four small children, filling three shopping carts. When she was talking to a cashier, one of the children pushed one of the carts from the store before the items were purchased, according to report an incident.

The woman then told the cashier that she had to go to the bank, and she left the store without paying for the items, the report says. The more than $ 1,300 in stolen merchandise included a Nintendo DS Lite, a PSP and PlayStation 3 game console, four Nintendo DS games, seven CDs, various cosmetics and nearly $ 500 value of clothing.

In Greenville County, a member of the Target on Fairview Road in Simpsonville told deputies that a woman who the employee identified as the German for "a large number of cases of shoplifting in the past," and her children enrolled at the store Monday afternoon.

According to report an incident, the children left the store with a cart full of stuff without paying. Stolen items included swimsuit, a camcorder, various CDs, and many other garments.

Jayson Werth Terrorizes Father & Son Combo Who Caught His Foul Ball

A young child can be signed for life last night after his father, in a perfect position to catch a ball fault, not yielding to the progress of the mountain man Jayson Werth as he tried to catch flies. Except, you know, when Jayson Werth caught the ball would end up as an out instead of a memorial on top of the fireplace. Unfortunately for the Phillies and the virgin ears of the guy catching foul balls, the father caught the ball and unleashed a series Werth curse words would have sent him straight to the office of the principal. At least entitled to Werth was just trying to expand the vocabulary boy.

Is it ok for outfielders to run the fans who interfere on balls that error would have helped the home team? Probably not, unless the ball has been wrong from the monumental importance like the old Moises Alou Steve Bartman incident of 2003 playoff. Werth, who has been mired in a slump two weeks, probably just made that child loses all respect for his father more than a measly one game in the Phillies ended up winning anyway. You see the look on the face of the son? It's like he just saw the dog run over by a freight train! If I were the father I would wait until Werth was done unleashing its power on the F-bombs and then politely ask if he wants the ball back. Or connected to him in his face. Who's the Bigger man now?

So who is Jesus Montero?

A, Lee would just change uniforms tonight and pitch against the Mariners, because he was already scheduled to throw tonight against the Yankees' Phil Hughes at Safeco Field? And more importantly, in the long run for the Mariners, who exactly is Jesus Montero, the 20-year-old prospect is expected to go to Seattle in return for Lee?

While there likely to compromise More Than a prospect in a deal - SEVERAL reports say second baseman David Adams working and right-hander Zach McAllister Will be included - the Montero is legitimate, big-time prospect who Would be the key to making Any deal done with the Yankees.

For a team crying out for big-time power, it's not hard to understand why the M's would jump on Montero. He is a big 6-foot-4, 225-pound catcher, though some feel he will eventually end up as first baseman.

For the Mariners, what matters most is the big bat and if Montero is as good as expected by Baseball America, who judged the fourth best prospect in baseball coming into this season behind the impressive trio of Jason Heyward, Steven Strasburg and Mike Stanton. all making big waves all-league.

Montero is not there yet. He is currently in Triple-A ball this season and still adjust to that level, hitting .253 with six homeruns and 35 RBIs in 77 games. That alone will raise some eyebrows, abstain, but the boy was 20.

He came to the Yankees in 2006 as an international undersigned from Venezuela and has big-time power in 2008 in Class A ball made from the AA All-Star team last year before breaking his finger and is now working its way up the ladder again.

Montero is a sure-fire prospect? There is no such thing. But for a franchise desperate for offensive help and looking for a legitimate return for Lee to get, he is as good as it's going to get.

Who cry about getting unproven prospects for one of the best baseball pitchers need to understand that Lee is a free agent at the end of the season and therefore only three months of the remaining value.
The Mariners got himself three perspectives on the Phillies get to Lee prior to this season and none of the small-mat - pitchers Philippe Aumont and JC Ramirez and outfielder Tyson Gillies - are anywhere near Montero in terms of expected potential.

What Adams, he is a 23-year-old second baseman in Double-A ball at the moment, hitting .309 for Trenton. He was a third round draft choice for the Yankees in 2008 and perhaps a potential, but obviously the key to this deal would Montero.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports is reporting that Triple-A pitcher Zach McAllister, a 22-year-old with a 7-5 record and 4.45 ERA in 17 starts this season, is third prospect in the deal is to Seattle.

And now we will just have to wait and see whether it happens or if the Mariners hope someone else jumps in with a better offer at the last minute.

Aviat Networks Cuts 4Q Revenue Target; New CEO Plans Revamp

Aviat Networks Inc. (AVNW) lowered its fiscal fourth quarter revenue target, largely on component shortages and delays in the wireless network service provider moves to outsource production.

Chairman and Chief Executive Chuck Kissner said he and the board Aviat not "satisfied" with the recent performance of the company and were planning a comprehensive strategic plan - including cost-cutting and refocusing the product - to to restore profitability. Actions will be announced on or before August 20, when the fourth quarter results are due.

Shares rose 22 cents in recent trading to $ 4. The stock is down 45% this year, the company struggled with declining demand, keeping the company in red.

For the quarter ended July 2 Aviat now expects revenue of $ 115 million to $ 120 million, lower than the already downbeat view of $ 125 million in May

Kissner CEO last week, returning to day-to-day monitoring activities for third time. He spent a combined 10 years as CEO of Stratex Networks, a predecessor company of Aviat.

Hedge fund Ramius LLC on Wednesday sent a letter to Kissner, having regard to the concern about the deteriorating financial performance of the company and the lack of measures to adapt to operating in line with the company's current business outlook. " Ramius reported a 6.2% stake in Aviat, which he "deeply appreciated" and in the position of "significant operational improvements.

The company in May said its fiscal third-quarter loss on lower margins improved while sales fell 24%.

Yankees in Talks to Acquire Cliff Lee

All along, Cliff Lee has seemed destined to go to the Yankees. Lee, the All-Star lefty, is eligible for free agency after this season, and the Yankees' deep budget would give them a big advantage in signing him. But Lee, it seems, could join the Yankees much more.

The Yankees and the Mariners have made progress towards a Lee trade, according to an official involved in the talks, who added that the final decision now to the Mariners. The official was granted anonymity because the deal has not been completed. Joel Sherman of the New York Post broke the story, reporting that the Yankees' trade package would Jesus Montero and catcher within fielder David Adams to take.
Lee is gepland tegen de Yankees pitch op Safeco Field op vrijdagavond, dus snel een deal kan worden afgerond. Lee zou de Yankees vier All-Stars in their startende rotatie, toetreden CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte en Phil Hughes. Het zou ook vrij de Yankees aan een andere starter handel - vermoedelijk Javier Vazquez - voor overtreding of bullpen helpen voordat het 07.31 nonwaiver trading deadline.

Lee, die de 2008 AL Cy Young Award won voor Cleveland, sloegen de Yankees twee keer in de 2009 World Series, toen hij gooide voor Philadelphia, en won ook de eerste wedstrijd in het nieuwe Yankee Stadium vorig seizoen. Hij is 8-3 met een gemiddelde van 2,34 verdiend dit seizoen draaien, met 89 strikeouts en slechts zes wandelingen.

Voor nu, de Yankees zijn hang naar het houden Vazquez, die hen zou toestaan Hughes dia aan het bullpen als hij benadert zijn innings te beperken en hen te beschermen tegen een blessure aan een andere starter. Maar de handel voor Lee geeft hen mogelijkheden. Vazquez kan een free agent na het seizoen worden, en hij zou een aantrekkelijke huur te worden, zeker voor een team in de National League, waar hij gooide vorig seizoen zo goed voor Atlanta.

De Yankees zijn wars van de handel in jong talent voor de soon-to-free agents zijn in de afgelopen seizoenen, het doorgeven van een handel voor Johan Santana in december 2007 en voor Sabathia tijdens het seizoen 2008. Maar de omstandigheden zijn nu anders, want van de Yankees 'diepte catcher en tweede honk.

Zelfs zonder Montero, de Yankees hebben een stal van zeer gewaardeerde jonge catchers waaronder Cervelli Francisco, Austin Romine en Gary Sanchez. Ze hebben ook Robinson Cano naar het tweede honk spelen voor jaren.

De Yankees zou ook hopen dat Lee zijn rond voor jaren. Lee, die volgende maand 32 wordt, is het onwaarschijnlijk dat een contract verlenging voor de off-season te ondertekenen. Maar hij is bevriend met Sabathia en Burnett en leek zeer comfortabel in het Yankee Stadium. En, natuurlijk, zal waarschijnlijk de Yankees hem een overweldigende contract aan te bieden om te blijven.

ONFIRMED: Charlie Murphy Wife Died

Tisha Taylor Murphy, the wife of veteran Hollywood comedian Charlie Murphy recently passed away. She died in her sleep after years of fighting against cancer.We would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the family of Tisha Taylor Murphy. Charlie Murphy is the brother of Eddie Murphy, who is best known for his funny movie and TV projects

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Courtney Fuhrmann and Damon Evans Arrested at Buckhead

University of Georgia's athletic director Damon Evans was arrested for drunken driving with a Courtney Fuhrmann Atlanta. They were arrested while driving in Buckhead, approximately one hours drive from the campus UGA "Damon Evans is a renowned campaigner against drunk driving so that these places are campaign huge question and doubt. He also signs in the coming days a period of five year extension of the contract for his position at the University of Georgia.

But who is Courtney Fuhrmann and why is she and Evans? In an interview, Evans described her as "just a friend". The press tried Fuhrmann reached for an interview, but she is not talking.

The only source we can come to her identity, her LinkedIn account, stating that she works in real estate.

During the arrest she reportedly refused to meet the car Evans' to continue after his arrest several times. Law enforcement official added count of disorderly conduct after they tried to leave when she was told to stay in the vehicle. Perhaps, Fuhrmann (whom we have a hard time spelling it) will not get caught up in the excitement and intrigue.

As the news reached the University of Georgia, UGA President Michael Adams said: "[We reserve further action] pending a full review of staff and legal counsel,"

"Drinking and driving is a serious matter, and I was very disappointed to hear of the arrest. This is certainly not an example of the kind of leadership that I expect our senior administrators. I have high regard for Damon personally, I care deeply about him and his family know he's a man of integrity. He sincerely apologized to me for this embarrassment to the university. "

zbynek michalek

1. Zbynek Michalek and Paul Martin to penguins
Within minutes of watching Sergei Gonchar sign with Ottawa, Pittsburgh GM Ray shero soon moved to Phoenix Coyotes Zbynek Michalek price blue liner to steal and then lock up former Devils defender Paul Martin. Both defenders will be signed by five years, allowing the Penguins two key defensive pieces in the future. Both were heavily courted by a host of other NHL teams, the LA Kings were in pursuit of Martin, who played his entire career in New Jersey.

Martin and Michalek are able to eat big minutes and a chance to show they have an offensive upside would not have been on full display in both New Jersey and Phoenix, respectively, to obtain. They are fast, smart puck movers (a blessing for the skilled forward the Penguins "set) characters and the quality that perfectly matches a strong Penguins locker room.

Kudos to shero not only to plug a gaping hole in its lineup, but also giving his team one of the deepest blue-line corps in the Eastern Conference, if not the league.