Courtney Fuhrmann and Damon Evans Arrested at Buckhead

University of Georgia's athletic director Damon Evans was arrested for drunken driving with a Courtney Fuhrmann Atlanta. They were arrested while driving in Buckhead, approximately one hours drive from the campus UGA "Damon Evans is a renowned campaigner against drunk driving so that these places are campaign huge question and doubt. He also signs in the coming days a period of five year extension of the contract for his position at the University of Georgia.

But who is Courtney Fuhrmann and why is she and Evans? In an interview, Evans described her as "just a friend". The press tried Fuhrmann reached for an interview, but she is not talking.

The only source we can come to her identity, her LinkedIn account, stating that she works in real estate.

During the arrest she reportedly refused to meet the car Evans' to continue after his arrest several times. Law enforcement official added count of disorderly conduct after they tried to leave when she was told to stay in the vehicle. Perhaps, Fuhrmann (whom we have a hard time spelling it) will not get caught up in the excitement and intrigue.

As the news reached the University of Georgia, UGA President Michael Adams said: "[We reserve further action] pending a full review of staff and legal counsel,"

"Drinking and driving is a serious matter, and I was very disappointed to hear of the arrest. This is certainly not an example of the kind of leadership that I expect our senior administrators. I have high regard for Damon personally, I care deeply about him and his family know he's a man of integrity. He sincerely apologized to me for this embarrassment to the university. "

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