Egg recall spreads fear and concerns regarding food, product safety: Recalls.gov

A massive egg recall has been announced that more than 200 million eggs across the nation. With fears growing more rampant across the country many question the safety of foods consumed today.

No consumer product or food without the possibility of risk. When consumers buy a product that their confidence in that company to customer needs as the heart. They expect the safest, most rigorously tested products and purchase items for use in their households. When a consumer goes to a massive recall, such as Toyota, Tylenol, or even remember this egg, a sense of betrayal is felt. Many consumer products to permanently discontinue use after a massive recall. Just afraid that if a company allowed conditions so terrible, what keeps them these terms so again.

There are many stresses affecting consumers on a daily basis, far more than what is reported or make worldwide news headlines.

Recalls.gov is your one-stop source for access to the current remembers whether food, boats, children's, makeup, and much more. You can access recalls.gov: Recalls.gov

You also have the opportunity to sign up for E-Mail and reminds them sent to you.

Although the government is present and the past to recall available information, there is a good chance that the public wellicht interested in another type of information: companies that never have been involved in a recall.

T-Mobile Plays Hide-and-Seek With G2 Smartphone

It is the stuff of marketing legend. The upcoming debut of the new Android-based smartphone from T-Mobile, called G2, should be accompanied by the roll-out of AA promotional site. But shortly after going live, but I shut down the page. Then reopened with a few very general points with a registration form to receive information on G2, according to PC World.

"The T-Mobile G2 will provide tight integration with Google services and groundbreaking as the first smartphone designed to run at 4G speeds on our new HSPA + network. In the coming weeks, we share more details about the G2 and provide exclusive first access to current T-Mobile customers, "says the site now.

What the plan, T-Mobile managed to ignite a frenzy of attention to the term "G2" rising to the top of Google's most searched terms.

The device is the first T-Mobile specifically built for its new HSPA + network, which is touted as offering 4G-like speeds on the 3G infrastructure of the company.

19th amendment anniversary: Politicians celebrate

Ninety years ago, gave the woman the right to vote. Here is the text of the 19th amendment, which was ratified on August 18, 1920, by the Tennessee General Assembly: "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State sex. "Tennessee was the thirty-sixth state to ratify the amendment allowing the required approval of three fourths of the States adopted amendment, because the 24-year-old legislator Harry Burn changed his vote, at the insistence of his elderly mother.

The Democratic National Committee is celebrating with an opinion piece in Politico tying the match recent legislative performance at the historic victory for women. And union affiliated group Healthy Workplace is to use the opportunity to Meg Whitman, the Republican candidate in California governor's attack. Check out this press release headline: "A Celebration of the voting rights of women and a protest from Meg Whitman whose voting record dishonors that tradition." (Whitman did not vote on large parts of her career. She was registered to vote in the 1980's, in contrast to a report saying that they did not register until 2002.)

On her Facebook page, Sarah Palin took the opportunity to make some new entries from female candidates to announce.

There are also a number of non-political events across the country to celebrate.

As the 14th amendment has come into question, it is also interesting to note that suffragettes were torn on whether the voting rights for black men to support.

Kanye West's 'Power' Video Mixes The Spiritual With The Sexual

Kanye West debuted his "Power" Video Thursday (05/08) on MTV, where fans of the rapper vision to make the Marco Brambilla-oriented "portrait."
The video began with the singing of gospel-tinged record, and while the image of West silent, the camera pulled away from the digitized fixture for several women, some saints and sinners reveal some. The video was full of religious references, Brambilla, said the rapper admired for his earlier efforts, which are sexual overtones combined with religious images.

"I immediately connected to the themes on the album," said Brambilla MTV News of the yet-untitled next album West. "The whole idea of celebrity, the idea of power, the idea of sensuality in, there is sexuality in it, and they were all kinds of themes I've explored in my work. Once I heard the album, the what was decisive, and I felt very much in line with the message behind the music. "

By the end of the brief clip, the camera pulls away to reveal images of Western women with decorated, which were placed next to the rapper, who was also on his head.

The production climaxes with a black background with the word "Power" on the screen.

"I've always wanted to do something that would visualize power, a portrait of what power would look like in a sort of timeless way and able to frame him in that portrait," said Brambilla. "In essence, doing a video portrait of Kanye as a symbol of power was very consistent with my art practice and explore what I said in my artwork."

Johnny Knoxville & co return in the 'Jackass 3D' trailer

Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O back in the latest adventures of the infamous stunt idiots. Knoxville says, "We go to the same 3D technology used in James Cameron's AVATAR to take the baton of Steve O's butt. We take stupid to a whole new dimension. ... More

Johnny Knoxville and company return to the big screen for the first time in 3D, with more crazy stunts and crazy gimmicks. We have the new trailer for the third film in the series.

Paramount Pictures' 3D Jackass "star Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Steve-O, Jason" Wee Man "Acuna, Chris Pontius, Preston Lacy, Dave England and Ehren McGhehey

Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 2: Top 5 most outrageous moments

The Jersey Shore Season 2 premiere was all MTV and the Jersey Shore votes promised - scandalously ridiculous, mindless entertainment ... to say the least. But again, what would Jersey Shore without drama and jaw-dropping moments?

While you try your television to reduce the orange glow, maybe you missed one of the most scandalous moments of the hour-long Jersey Shore Season 2, Episode 2. So let me count them for you, then weigh on what your favorite moment from "The Hangover".

Outrageous Moment # 5: Snooki kills Angelina - All you can say about this one, thank God, the phone does not duck his way to Miami. Frustrated over the non-stop calls for Angelina, Snooki finally realizes the only way to stop all calls to kill Angelina. "No! Angelina is deceased," said Angelina's Snooki umteenth caller before slamming the phone down. A minute later the phone rings again and she answers Angelina. "Angelina is deceased?" the caller asks in shock. "I did not die!"

Outrageous Moment # 4: Catfight & 2.0 JWoWW's Warning - JWoWW Snooki start by telling her to talk about Angelina's boyfriend, Emilio, behind her back. It gets so fired up Snooki confronts Angelina - who does what she does best and denies everything. Meanwhile, Ronnie's see the silver lining in catfight 2.0. "This is great," he says, "for once it's not my drama." Take JWoWW things to a whole new level with a string of threats that the situation when he reached the end of the wrath recive JWoWW's reminiscent. "I swing. Sleep with one eye open," she warns Angelina. "I will make you sweat it out .... the sweat bi ---."

Outrageous Moment # 3: Chicken Dinner? - If only Snooki had not bought $ 395 $ 393 pair of crystal covered glasses she might have seen the raw chicken comin 'to her. Instead, when she opens the refrigerator door to her pickles to get from raw chicken marinating food, the situation splatters on the refrigerator and the floor. As if the scene was not hilarious enough, Vinny's actually considering rinsing and eating it. "What do we do it? Was it?" He calls the situation in the hot tub? "What we do pick that sh - up dog," says Mike with one of his invaluable that you just have to see really and fully appreciate.

Outrageous Moment # 2: IFF and "Deny, Deny, Deny" - not just Ronnie comes home bragging about his night of three-way kiss, but intends to cuddle with Sammi. The next morning he wakes up hung over competely and not remember a thing the night before. He and the boys come up with a plan like Sammi Angelina tells what happened at the club. Ronnie has two words to resolve "IFF" (I'm Fu Foundation --- ) situation - "deny deny deny." Ronnie is selling its story well enough that Sammi finally apologize to him and accompany him to the most ironic tattoo of all time - a few to get his hands while praying with a rosary. Yes , Ronnie, you're a real saint.

Outrageous Moment # 1: Angelina Click Pauly D - Like Angelina coudn't get more unpleasant-Give the girl a few drinks and you have some Jersey Shore producers can only dream. After grinding with a girl and shaming Pauly D for connecting a chick they Pauly and Mike D says "the situation" about 40 times that she loves them.

"What?" Pauly D responds.

"I want to marry you," Angelina goes on referring to their solitary point, "I think you every day."

Attempts to lower the high path, Pauly D efforts ignore a clearly wasted, and by this point, Angelina crying. But it pisses her off even more. "You do not even care," she cries as she blows him in the face. When Angelina and Pauly D "the situation" in the fight breaks out as follows Angelina gets close to Pauly.

"Are you touching me? Stop hitting me," cries he pushed her away. "You're on your fu - ING itself. You do not have me or situation, "Pauly D shouts," ... now you have zero friends. "

Human Centipede Crawls Home

IFC Films will bring their word-of-mouth hit, The Human Centipede, on DVD and Blu-ray is 05/10/2010, just in time for Halloween. We are going back and forth with how this op deze film IGN Blu-ray now describe months and we have decided that it was alleen in de lijn, so your meteen chuckles out of the way: it is about a crazy gepensioneerde chirurg vangt a die paar American tourists in Germany and hatches a plan to make a human centipede them together ... uh ... from ass to mouth. As we said, it is in the open air.

The film presents itself as a straight-up horror movie, but obviously due to the premise of the film and its claim that it is 100% medically accurate, the film fell into the horror-comedy genre. We guess this will do for horror what the Court for the drama. The DVD will be available for the MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) of $ 24.98, while the Blu-ray will run on the retail price of $ 29.98, but nothing is said in terms of additional features at this time. We will certainly keep you posted.

Taylor Swift Mine New Single Released Lyrics

Independent label Big Machine Records Taylor Swift's new single mine today. Only hours after the release videos on YouTube. But it seems like they piracy, as they are taken in the meantime. "An unauthorized low-quality MP3 file of the song appeared earlier today online. As the low quality of the file started with viral spread, the decision was taken to Fri rush 'Mine" to iTunes and radio stations to ensure that Taylor's fans were able to hear the song as they were intended. "Oh oh oh ooo
Oh oh oh ooo

You were in college working part time waiting tables
From left to small time never looked back.
I was the flight risk with the fear of fallin
Wondered why we have trouble with love as it never takes

I say "Can you believe it? "
Because we are lying on a sofa
(?) And I can see
Yes yes I see it

Remember when we were on the water Sat
You put your arm around me for the first time
You have a rebel in a carefully careless man's daughter
You're the best thing that ever mine

Flash forward and we were taking over the world together
And there is a drawer of my stuff and your place
You learned my secrets and you realize why I (?)
You said we never my parents have made mistakes.

But we have bills to pay
We've got nothing figured out
Then it was hard to take yes yes
This was thought to

Remember when we were on the water Sat
You put your arm around me for the first time
You have a rebel in a carefully careless man's daughter
You're the best thing that ever mine

Remember the whole city lights on water
You saw me start to believe for the first time
You have a rebel in a carefully careless man's daughter
You're the best thing that ever mine

Prop 8 Overturned: Celebs React via Twitter

In the aftermath of Prop 8 is refuted in California (Proposition 8 ban on gay marriages was one), many celebrities posted with stress on their personal Twitter pages. Most of them express how they felt about the news and the decision of the court on Wednesday to celebrate.

"Moving Forward YEAHHHHH !!!!! # PROP8UNCONSTITUTIONAL !!!!!!!!" tweeted Ricky Martin, who announced that he is actually gay (most likely) last March, tweeted on Wednesday following the announcement that Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that Proposition 8 civil rights violated.

"This just in: Equality won!" Ellen DeGeneres said on her Twitter account.

"Prop 8 was mowed down! This is great news! It is time! Congratulations to everyone!" Reality star Kim Kardashian told her Twitter followers.

Adam Lambert celebrated the court ruling, tweeting, "We're gonna glitter to throw at the barn tonight!"

Lance Bass, currently the country, tweeted from abroad, writing, "Congrats on the battlements of Prop 8 !!!!"

We'll see how long this statement is if Prop 8 is a source of much heated political and personal debate and vote in the last few years.

Taylor Jacobson – Rachel Zoe Samples Accusation is False

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) - Rachel Zoe's Taylor Jacobson accusations fly tonight. Why did Taylor leave Rachel? Taylor Jacobson tells the news that at least one Rachel Zoe Project contention tonight is flatly false. Taylor says she can not answer the rest because of her employment confidentiality agreement.

But certainly what is portrayed in the evening is different than the news statement Taylor Jacobson gave in November 2009. So Taylor is not to say that she was fired, but she said she was "sad and excited" about her departure.

But tonight, Rodger Berman announcing Taylor's departure on an "emergency conference". Rodger is more dramatic than anything Donald Trump has offered in the boardroom. Later, viewers hear the word "fired". And yet over an hour, only few details revealed about what happened with Taylor.

In the opening segment, Rodger Berman have a sit down conference with staff, where he does not use the word "fired". When Brad Goreski ask Roger and Rachel what happened, Roger says thinking was not adding up. "We've been getting behind the numbers ... and frankly, things do not add up, and that's all I will say about it." Zoe expresses grief. Her grief is still the dominant theme through the conflict. Zoe says that she can not sleep, that Taylor's departure did not give her closure. But Zoe has no problem doing a shoot with Demi Moore, "Taylor's customer".

Brad did not see a recommendation, which he alleges Taylor was different than she thought. But even in the next scene in his new Mercedes-driving aroundLos Angeles, Brad says he lacks Taylor. Later in the study, the word "sacked" is said. Still viewers not left with any insight into what happened between Taylor and Rachel. Zoe says she is hurt she has not heard from Taylor. But just a few minutes earlier, Brad reveals that samples have been returned to Taylor ever had. Brad says that Taylor would wear tests at night.

Really? Not so says Taylor to local news. Taylor has since told TV Guide that "samples" claim in the night season premiere accusation is television fiction. "I will say this: I do not fit into sample sizes! Where did that even come from?" I'm not a size zero. I'm 34-D [breasts]. "

Taylor says she can not respond to Zoe's allegations because she is bound by a confidentiality agreement. "You sign a confidentiality agreement. That's why I really can not talk about it."

But what does Taylor think about the premiere? "For legal reasons I do not really allowed to discuss what makes it hard for me to give the" juice. "But what I heard on the first episode is pretty amazing. I heard there are ripping out pictures and throw them into the fireplace." Zoe takes pictures of Taylor and burn them late in the episode.

But Taylor believes audiences will release that what they see is just "faux" (false). "Reality TV is faux reality. It is a constructed reality, and everyone knows it. I was a very hardworking and I still do. So in that sense, yes. As much as people want me to go out on the show and Rachel I do not really have anything to say about the woman that I am not allowed to talk about. Really, I have no ill will. It is time to move on and I have. "

Michigan Election Results

The Michigan primary election for governor has been decided.

Former Gateway Chief Executive Rick Snyder has won the Michigan Republican primary for governor, the AP reports. Mr. Snyder defeated Representative Pete Hoekstra and state Attorney General Mike Cox in the five-way GOP race.

On the Democratic side, Michigan's Virg Bernero captured his party's nomination for governor, the AP reports. Mr. Bernero, the Lansing mayor, defeated State House Speaker Andy Dillon in the primary.

Mr. Snyder's victory comes as a surprise, and with the state facing one of the country's highest unemployment rates, the Republican is likely to be front-funner.

Today's race to succeed term limited Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm.

Addtionally the Michigan Democratic Representative Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick was defeated by state Sen. Hansen Clarke, AP reports. Ms. Kilpatrick was plagued by political difficulties because of her defense of her son, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Bad Girls Club’ Season 5 Premieres Tonight

Bad Girls Club "Season 5 Premieres Tonight: The highly controversial reality TV show Bad Girls Club 'is back on its fifth season, which is set to premiere tonight. The new season is set in Miami and in the coming weeks we will witness seven beautiful girls argue, fight and do other things that only bad and tough girls can do Infront of the camera.

In his last season received Bad Girls Club a number of criticisms. Some viewers find the whole concept amusing, while some find the content of each episode a bit offensive. We will update this post with profiles of the seven bad girls who did it in style.

Barclays Capital Credit Analysts Upgrade Bank Sector

Barclays Capital credit analyst Jonathan Glionna and Miguel Crivelli upgraded the U.S. banking sector to overweight from market weight Tuesday in the wake of what they called "strong" quarterly results.

The analysts said the asset quality has stabilized, capitalization, strong liquidity and balance sheet is robust.

Meanwhile, the financial reform agreed with a lower risk of short-term credit rating downgrades, the sovereign uncertainty moderated after the release of the European stress test results, the risk of litigation fell after Goldman Sachs's (GS) settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, spreads are wider than most other sectors, and supply prospects are positive, they added in a note to investors.

Northern Lights may become visible over Idaho tonight

Aug. 3 - The night sky over Idaho can glow with colors this evening in a rare display of Northern Lights.

This is because the two smaller solar storms flared Sunday, shooting tons of plasma directly on the ground, astronomers say. The plasma is expected to make the Northern Lights show visible much further south than usual across the northern hemisphere. Lights must be visible around midnight tonight and Wednesday night against Idaho, David Aguilar, a spokesman for the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, told the Idaho Statesman.

"This outbreak is aimed directly at us and expected to come here early on August 4," center astronomer Leon Golub said in a statement. "This is the first large Earth-directed eruptions in quite some time."

Scientists say when the outbreak, called a coronal mass ejection, when the ground is the interaction with the planet's magnetic field, potentially creating a geomagnetic storm. Solar particles stream down the field lines towards Earth's poles.

These particles collide with atoms of nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere, which then glow like miniature neon signs, Harvard Center says.

Aurora normally only seen at high latitudes, as in Alaska. But tonight the Idaho sky watchers look for rippling "curtains" of green and red lights.

Seeing them is not guaranteed. But the sky must be clear, so it's worth a try, "said Andie Woodward, spokeswoman for the Boise Astronomical Society.

"I would just say: Go out and take a look," Woodward said. "It's kind of a crap shoot."

Northern Lights is so weak that you probably do not see them if you live near Downtown Boise or other areas where light pollution is high, Woodward said. She recommends getting out of the country. One possibility is Swan Falls Dam near Kuna, where astronomical community at times cloud-see events.

Kyan Douglas Pictures and Bio

Kyan Douglas isn't exactly a household name, but everyone on the Internet wants to know more about him after learning he used to date 'N Sync star Lance Bass.

According to People.com, Douglas and Bass split up a couple of months ago, and Bass has sinced moved on to dating Marc Jacobs' ex Lorenzo Martone. But the transition wasn't exactly an easy one.

A pal said, "Lance wasn't interested in dating right away because he was getting over his own breakup with [Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's] Kyan Douglas. But Lorenzo was persistent, so they started talking and slowly spending more time together and really hit it off."

So who is Douglas? He became the grooming expert on the reality show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy after working in a couple of high-end salons and on the shows What Not to Wear and While You Were Out.

Since Queer Eye (which won him an Emmy in 2004), he's also authored a book and appeared on a number of talk shows. He's currently hosting the TLC show Ten Years Younger.

Blackhawks' Niemi shown the door; Marty Turco and questions arrive

So. Marty Turco is in. When the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup-winning goalie Antti Niemi was shown the door Monday, the response from readers was immediate -- tons of interest in the story, tons of comments. And online in Chicago, people wondered aloud:

"What happened to this team that suddenly made me care about hockey?"

The Blackhawks have given Chicago a lot of storylines, but with many of its most-well-known names traded away, that storyline has grown a little darker. Tribune Sports Editor Tim Bannon explains why ...