Prop 8 Overturned: Celebs React via Twitter

In the aftermath of Prop 8 is refuted in California (Proposition 8 ban on gay marriages was one), many celebrities posted with stress on their personal Twitter pages. Most of them express how they felt about the news and the decision of the court on Wednesday to celebrate.

"Moving Forward YEAHHHHH !!!!! # PROP8UNCONSTITUTIONAL !!!!!!!!" tweeted Ricky Martin, who announced that he is actually gay (most likely) last March, tweeted on Wednesday following the announcement that Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that Proposition 8 civil rights violated.

"This just in: Equality won!" Ellen DeGeneres said on her Twitter account.

"Prop 8 was mowed down! This is great news! It is time! Congratulations to everyone!" Reality star Kim Kardashian told her Twitter followers.

Adam Lambert celebrated the court ruling, tweeting, "We're gonna glitter to throw at the barn tonight!"

Lance Bass, currently the country, tweeted from abroad, writing, "Congrats on the battlements of Prop 8 !!!!"

We'll see how long this statement is if Prop 8 is a source of much heated political and personal debate and vote in the last few years.

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