Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 2: Top 5 most outrageous moments

The Jersey Shore Season 2 premiere was all MTV and the Jersey Shore votes promised - scandalously ridiculous, mindless entertainment ... to say the least. But again, what would Jersey Shore without drama and jaw-dropping moments?

While you try your television to reduce the orange glow, maybe you missed one of the most scandalous moments of the hour-long Jersey Shore Season 2, Episode 2. So let me count them for you, then weigh on what your favorite moment from "The Hangover".

Outrageous Moment # 5: Snooki kills Angelina - All you can say about this one, thank God, the phone does not duck his way to Miami. Frustrated over the non-stop calls for Angelina, Snooki finally realizes the only way to stop all calls to kill Angelina. "No! Angelina is deceased," said Angelina's Snooki umteenth caller before slamming the phone down. A minute later the phone rings again and she answers Angelina. "Angelina is deceased?" the caller asks in shock. "I did not die!"

Outrageous Moment # 4: Catfight & 2.0 JWoWW's Warning - JWoWW Snooki start by telling her to talk about Angelina's boyfriend, Emilio, behind her back. It gets so fired up Snooki confronts Angelina - who does what she does best and denies everything. Meanwhile, Ronnie's see the silver lining in catfight 2.0. "This is great," he says, "for once it's not my drama." Take JWoWW things to a whole new level with a string of threats that the situation when he reached the end of the wrath recive JWoWW's reminiscent. "I swing. Sleep with one eye open," she warns Angelina. "I will make you sweat it out .... the sweat bi ---."

Outrageous Moment # 3: Chicken Dinner? - If only Snooki had not bought $ 395 $ 393 pair of crystal covered glasses she might have seen the raw chicken comin 'to her. Instead, when she opens the refrigerator door to her pickles to get from raw chicken marinating food, the situation splatters on the refrigerator and the floor. As if the scene was not hilarious enough, Vinny's actually considering rinsing and eating it. "What do we do it? Was it?" He calls the situation in the hot tub? "What we do pick that sh - up dog," says Mike with one of his invaluable that you just have to see really and fully appreciate.

Outrageous Moment # 2: IFF and "Deny, Deny, Deny" - not just Ronnie comes home bragging about his night of three-way kiss, but intends to cuddle with Sammi. The next morning he wakes up hung over competely and not remember a thing the night before. He and the boys come up with a plan like Sammi Angelina tells what happened at the club. Ronnie has two words to resolve "IFF" (I'm Fu Foundation --- ) situation - "deny deny deny." Ronnie is selling its story well enough that Sammi finally apologize to him and accompany him to the most ironic tattoo of all time - a few to get his hands while praying with a rosary. Yes , Ronnie, you're a real saint.

Outrageous Moment # 1: Angelina Click Pauly D - Like Angelina coudn't get more unpleasant-Give the girl a few drinks and you have some Jersey Shore producers can only dream. After grinding with a girl and shaming Pauly D for connecting a chick they Pauly and Mike D says "the situation" about 40 times that she loves them.

"What?" Pauly D responds.

"I want to marry you," Angelina goes on referring to their solitary point, "I think you every day."

Attempts to lower the high path, Pauly D efforts ignore a clearly wasted, and by this point, Angelina crying. But it pisses her off even more. "You do not even care," she cries as she blows him in the face. When Angelina and Pauly D "the situation" in the fight breaks out as follows Angelina gets close to Pauly.

"Are you touching me? Stop hitting me," cries he pushed her away. "You're on your fu - ING itself. You do not have me or situation, "Pauly D shouts," ... now you have zero friends. "

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