Kanye West's 'Power' Video Mixes The Spiritual With The Sexual

Kanye West debuted his "Power" Video Thursday (05/08) on MTV, where fans of the rapper vision to make the Marco Brambilla-oriented "portrait."
The video began with the singing of gospel-tinged record, and while the image of West silent, the camera pulled away from the digitized fixture for several women, some saints and sinners reveal some. The video was full of religious references, Brambilla, said the rapper admired for his earlier efforts, which are sexual overtones combined with religious images.

"I immediately connected to the themes on the album," said Brambilla MTV News of the yet-untitled next album West. "The whole idea of celebrity, the idea of power, the idea of sensuality in, there is sexuality in it, and they were all kinds of themes I've explored in my work. Once I heard the album, the what was decisive, and I felt very much in line with the message behind the music. "

By the end of the brief clip, the camera pulls away to reveal images of Western women with decorated, which were placed next to the rapper, who was also on his head.

The production climaxes with a black background with the word "Power" on the screen.

"I've always wanted to do something that would visualize power, a portrait of what power would look like in a sort of timeless way and able to frame him in that portrait," said Brambilla. "In essence, doing a video portrait of Kanye as a symbol of power was very consistent with my art practice and explore what I said in my artwork."

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