Jayson Werth Terrorizes Father & Son Combo Who Caught His Foul Ball

A young child can be signed for life last night after his father, in a perfect position to catch a ball fault, not yielding to the progress of the mountain man Jayson Werth as he tried to catch flies. Except, you know, when Jayson Werth caught the ball would end up as an out instead of a memorial on top of the fireplace. Unfortunately for the Phillies and the virgin ears of the guy catching foul balls, the father caught the ball and unleashed a series Werth curse words would have sent him straight to the office of the principal. At least entitled to Werth was just trying to expand the vocabulary boy.

Is it ok for outfielders to run the fans who interfere on balls that error would have helped the home team? Probably not, unless the ball has been wrong from the monumental importance like the old Moises Alou Steve Bartman incident of 2003 playoff. Werth, who has been mired in a slump two weeks, probably just made that child loses all respect for his father more than a measly one game in the Phillies ended up winning anyway. You see the look on the face of the son? It's like he just saw the dog run over by a freight train! If I were the father I would wait until Werth was done unleashing its power on the F-bombs and then politely ask if he wants the ball back. Or connected to him in his face. Who's the Bigger man now?

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