zbynek michalek

1. Zbynek Michalek and Paul Martin to penguins
Within minutes of watching Sergei Gonchar sign with Ottawa, Pittsburgh GM Ray shero soon moved to Phoenix Coyotes Zbynek Michalek price blue liner to steal and then lock up former Devils defender Paul Martin. Both defenders will be signed by five years, allowing the Penguins two key defensive pieces in the future. Both were heavily courted by a host of other NHL teams, the LA Kings were in pursuit of Martin, who played his entire career in New Jersey.

Martin and Michalek are able to eat big minutes and a chance to show they have an offensive upside would not have been on full display in both New Jersey and Phoenix, respectively, to obtain. They are fast, smart puck movers (a blessing for the skilled forward the Penguins "set) characters and the quality that perfectly matches a strong Penguins locker room.

Kudos to shero not only to plug a gaping hole in its lineup, but also giving his team one of the deepest blue-line corps in the Eastern Conference, if not the league.

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