watch true blood season 3 episode 2

HBO's vampire killer series "True Blood" launched to a sexy start last Sunday, with 5.1 million viewers watching the first episode season.

That is almost 40% more than 3.7 million viewers who saw the Season Two premiere last year. In general, the second season of "True Blood" averaged about 4.3 million viewers, who are three seasons to about 20% compared to last year. Millions more will watch True Blood Season 3 Episode 2 tonight.

For Time Warner HBO, "True Blood" has become one of the largest pay-TV channel successes since the most highly rated shows like "The Sopranos" and "Sex and the City."

While the "True Blood" is still not reaching those figures, the DVD sales are skyrocketing. The show hasn 'offered in the repetition of the circuit yet. Watch True Blood Season 3 Episode 2 tonight on HBO. Fans and critics are enthusiastic about what they saw in the show so far.

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