Matt Roloff of ‘Little People, Big World’ Is Alive and Wel

Fans of the hit reality TV show starring Matt and Amy Roloff, Little People, Big World, have been searching the net for answers to what happened when Matt was lying on the ground at the end of the last episode. Worried that Roloff may have suffered a heart attack and possibly died, Internet bloggers hit cyberspace to speculate and spread rumors that Roloff was dead.

Roloff and his wife dispelled the rumors by posting a recent photo of Matt on his official Facebook page with a photo from his recent trip to New York City. In the photo, Roloff looks healthy and happy, discrediting rumors that he’s suffering in the hospital, or possibly even dead.

I’ve said before I have an obvious problem with reality television.

I want to hate it, but then I watch shows like Little People, Big World, and I can’t maintain my dislike. The Discovery series follows the lives of the Roloff family of Oregon, who live on a farm. Both Matt and Amy Roloff are little people, and the show gives the world the chance to see that despite their small size, they are just like everybody else. Parents to four children, three of their children are of normal, average height, while one, fraternal twin Zach, is a dwarf like his his parents.

Personally, I’m glad to hear that Matt Roloff is okay. He is one of the most interesting people in reality television, and he has an incredibly creative mind. I’m looking forward to seeing what interesting things he he has to share on upcoming episodes of Little People, Big World.

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