Dizzy Feet Foundation's Next Move Announced on "So You Think You Can Dance"

Nigel Lythgoe, So You Think You Can Dance judge and co-founder of Dizzy Feet Foundation, laid claim to July 31st as National Dance Day on tonight's episode. Tabitha and Napoleon will choreograph a dance for all to learn, post it online, and then, well, I guess the world dances together on July 31st!

Dizzy Feet is a foundation, founded in 2009 by Lythgoe, actress Katie Holmes, co-judge Carrie Ann Inaba, and director Adam Shankman, to provide too-quality dance education to under-privileged children, and provide scholarships for further dance instruction. Dance might seem like a trivial skill next to academics,but partner dancing, for example, has been shown to make you smarter. Dancing is also great exercise, and helps kids make friends and express themselves. Our education system is cutting recess and P.E. to make more time for academics, so it is nice to hear celebrities tout creativity and physicality as well as education.

The importance of dance isn't lost on average citizens, either. Documentaries like "Mad Hot Ballroom" showcase dance programs like American Ballroom Theatre's elementary school partner dance programs, and even average joe's get into the spirit with Safety Dance Flash Mobs and Blues Dance Bombs.

Katie Holmes also announced earlier this month that Dizzy Feet will partner with HIT Entertainment's Angelina Ballerina to promote dance education. With Dizzy Feet's help, the Angelina Ballerina Stars of Tomorrow program will make its way to more Boys & Girls Clubs across the country.

The Dizzy Feet Foundation is off to a fantastic start helping the arts. Watch the video, learn the dance, and dance your butt off on July 31st!

Now, if you enjoyed that dance, which would you rather do: entertain the public at random with a dance flash mob, or dance away with everyone else on July 31st?

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