Truth or Lie: Devon James’ Child with Tiger Woods?

Whenever one is famous, scandals are everywhere.
Tiger Wood’s newest scandal is that of having a child with a porn star, escort, a former mistress named Devon James. She bluffed that the famous golfer is father their 9 year old son secretly. At least if it happened nine years ago, by consolation, this came in prior to his wedding with Elin Nordegen.
There are two sides of the story. The mother of the said mistress,
Melinda Brinling-Casoleaked information to defend the golfer and discipline her daughter. She claimed in E! that Austin’s dad is not Tiger Woods and labeled her daughter as a pathologic liar. The boy’s real father, she claims, helped James came up with the illegitimate child tale as a way to extractmoney from the embattled athlete. All she is looking for is to get money from him.”Furthermore she said, when Austin was born, 90 percent of his life was with her, not even with the parents and the more that he is being taken care of Woods.

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