Andres Escobar & Pablo Escobar - The Two Escobars

ESPN released the latest episode of their critically acclaimed sports documentary series "30 for 30" today called "The Two Escobar" to great receptions from both critics and fans.
The documentary tells the tragic story of Andres Escobar, a Colombian defender on the 1994 World Cup team who accidentally own goal scored in a crucial match against the United States. Colombia was eliminated and the error was a fatal mistake, for he was later slain in returning to Colombia. You can learn more about his life by clicking here.The film also highlights another, more famous in Colombia Escobar - Pablo Escobar. Pablo was the head of the powerful Medellin cartel and was once the richest men in the world 10. His drug empire was very powerful and relentless and the film notes the role of drug money to the financing of the Colombian national team. For more information about Pablo, please click here.

ESPN The film was earlier tonight (June 21) and will air again on July 2 ESPN2 at 1 am Eastern, 11 hours Pacific. "The two Escobar" was directed by Jeff Zimbalist and Michael. To read and learn more about the film

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