Record low temperatures follow snow in San Francisco

Snow fell overnight in the highest places in San Francisco, the Twin Peaks area, where elevations are about 900 meters above sea level, said AccuWeather.com meteorologists.

The snow covers the ground briefly, but soon melted. No snow was observed in downtown San Francisco and AccuWeather.com meteorologist Dave Samuhel said the dusting would not count towards the official records that the last measurable snowfall in the area show 35 years ago.

Trained spotters also reported snow in the San Joaquin Valley of California, according to the National Weather Service.

A storm system moves inland it could bring snow to areas of approximately 500 meters above sea level in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles flakes off could hit the upper reaches of the San Fernando Valley, and even the Hollywood Hills, said Samuhel.

In addition to the rare snowfall events, record cold temperatures are expected.

San Francisco temperatures will probably be in the 40s today and throughout Southern California remain highs in the low 50s and upper 40s could put a record lows, said Samuhel.

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