Oscars 2011 Time Closes in at 8:30 PM

The Oscars 2011 time has finally come. Once the Oscars 2011 time officially arrives at 8:30 pm est, the most anticipated awards show of the year will unveil itself at last. Of course, although there's no question about when the show starts, a big subplot is when it will end. They've done well getting it finished before midnight lately, although there's always the risk of going longer. This is just one of the issues before the Oscars 2011 time, to say nothing of the awards and the host.

Movie fans and pundits have waited months for this day to arrive. However, the buildup for the big night, and the questions around the major categories, are usually more thrilling than the show itself. This year could be no different, especially if things are as predictable as expected.

Well before the Oscars 2011 time got close, most of the major categories were determined. Most of the audience expects a final coronation for Colin Firth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale and David Fincher, among others. A month ago, they expected The Social Network to walk away with Best Picture, but now The King's Speech has become the inevitable best bet.

The only major races with suspense may be Best Supporting Actress, and Best Picture. Fittingly, Best Supporting Actress is among the night's first awards, although it'll be a three/three-and-a-half hour wait for Best Picture after that. In between, audiences hope not to be lulled to sleep.

But when the Oscars 2011 time comes around, the major questions will surround the hosts, and the show itself. Anne Hathaway and James Franco are a new kind of hosting duty, so viewers wonder what kind of routines they've been given. However, Deadline Hollywood warned that the schedule is likely to be another "snorefest" anyway.

If Hathaway and Franco can't elevate things, and balance out the lack of drama for the awards, it could be a rather long night. But much of the awards season has been predictable and obvious - even the comeback by The King's Speech. Therefore, a boring night to wrap it up would be fitting, albeit very unpopular.

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