The Right Word: Rage against the media machine

Limbaugh was offended by an article that appeared in Mediaite suggest that he introduce race to a problem in an inappropriate way because of comments he made on a previous show about Attorney General Eric Holder (listen to clip). (Holder objected to the claims of the Ministry of Justice easily went into a voting rights case against members of the New Black Panther Party, because they are black.)

I get up today and I get an email from someone, "Do you realize that you are being attacked for the introduction of race in this story? I said "What? I'm attacked for introducing race into the story?" "Yes, it is Mediaite." So I went Mediaite, and indeed, I, El Rushbo, accused of introducing race, again in a very risky way into the story of Eric Holder to suggest that he does not want anywhere near the Black Panther story because It hurt him, because those are his people. And I'm the one injecting race.

Limbaugh could not understand where Mediaite can be drawn from, thinking he was a racist for suggesting that the Attorney General, who is black, chose not to fully prosecute a case because the suspects were black. He was further hampered by Mediaite claims that this is not the first time Limbaugh was wrong to talk about the race.

You hit the link and go to another story in which they Mediaite a cow, because we learned the abortion rate in New York, Planned Parenthood. I just categorized that Planned Parenthood is for the Klan could never finish. I did not, but that set 'em off. Oh, yes, blew 'em a new one.

Presumably Limbaugh referring to a census report showing that the abortion rate for African-American women in New York about six times the abortion rate for white women, whom he portrayed in that 60% of all African-American babies in New York were unsuccessful (a gross misinterpretation, to say the least).

Meanwhile, the left say and do nothing. In fact, the left to break 60% of black babies, and that's cool. Let me log out and all hell breaks loose. So I point all this and it proves that we conservatives are not allowed to mention a word, we should not talk about it, we can not even register. They can literally sit there and preside over the death of 60% of black babies in the womb through Planned Parenthood and it's none of your business - Limbaugh, your mouth: very racist of you to mention that.

Limbaugh's distortion of the statistics aside, someone on his staff wants to advise him that there is not really a way of injecting the phrase "completion of the work of the Klan" in a sentence without the lasting impression that you are an unrepentant racist.

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